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  • Aug
  • 19

UK viewers can now watch the Freesat free-to-air DTH satellite platform in high definition with a receiver retailing at just £50 (approximately €59).

The Manhattan Plaza HD-S2 provides many advanced features such as a customisable EPG, BBC iPlayer and ITVplayer catch-up services, and easy access to non-Freesat channels, in addition to standard Freesat facilities, and HD pictures and Dolby Digital Plus sound.

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  • Jul
  • 17

Nearly 2.9 million households are now watching the German HD+ high definition satellite platform, including more than 1.2 million paying the €50 annual service fee following their 12-month free trial period.

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  • Jun
  • 06

Slovak broadcaster, Joj Group has launched a third channel, WAU, to join its existing TV Joj and TV Joj Plus channels. WAU is aimed at a young female urban audience and offers a mix of locally produced and imported entertainment shows.

  • Apr
  • 29

TLC for UK


Discovery Networks will launch its TLC channel in the UK and Ireland on April 30, broadcasting SD and HD versions from Astra 28.2°E as part of the Sky UK pay-TV platform. Aimed at women aged 25-49, Discovery has described the lifestyle and entertainment channel as ‘playful, humorous and passionate’.

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  • Oct
  • 18

Our satellite services have been at the forefront of analogue switch off across the UK. As the last analogue TV transmissions were switched off in October 2012, so broadcasters such as BskyB and Freesat have used our satellite TV satellites to provide digital SD and HD TV across the UK and reach areas that cannot be economically services with terrestrial technologies.

The same is happening with broadband so that remote communities can have the same access to the internet and digital services via satellite broadband.



  • Oct
  • 27

Belgian telecom provider Mobistar has launched a hybrid satellite/internet TV offer to provide phone customers with extended television flexibility and choice. Mobistar TV combines DTH satellite TV with DSL Internet to provide over 500 television and radio by satellite and interactive services, catch-up TV and content-on-demand via the Internet, along with programme recording management via a smart phone.

Satellite television, including Flemish national channels, HD and 3D channels, and a wide range of European free-to-air channels, is delivered to Mobistar TV users direct from the ASTRA satellites. President and CEO of SES ASTRA, Ferdinand Kayser said: "The combination of DSL and DTH reception brings together two excellent infrastructures, with satellite as the ideal broadcast infrastructure for high quality TV and DSL as the most suitable means for providing interactivity and on-demand services. We expect this trend towards hybrid solutions to increase."

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