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Connected World


By 2018, over a quarter of televisions worldwide will be ‘connected’ TVs with access to the internet, for running apps and accessing catch-up TV alongside broadcast programmes,  according to a report by Digital TV Research.

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TV buyers in France, Germany, Italy and the UK are increasingly looking for big screen connected TVs according to research by comparison site Idealo. Analysing 8 million price and product comparison searches during 2012, Idealo has uncovered the preferences of would-be TV buyers in the four countries. The popularity of TVs with a screen size of 42in (106cm) or larger has increased from 38.8% in 2011 to over 54% at the end of 2012, when more than 80% of available TVs offered internet connectivity.

Samsung is by far the most popular TV brand, chosen by nearly 42% of searchers, well ahead of nearest rivals Philips (17.2%) and LG (12.4%).

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  • Mar
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One in five of all Dutch TV households have their TV set connected to the internet, for running apps, and accessing catch-up TV, alongside broadcast programmes, according to research by the Dutch Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS, or Statistics Netherlands). The figure has risen from almost no connected TVs five years ago.

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Half Connected


A study by survey company YouGov has found that over half (55%) of people in the UK have connected their TV sets to the internet to access catch-up TV,  on-demand video, radio, news apps, etc on their ‘main’ screen, and that there is a huge demand for ‘smart’ connected TVs. The study also found that 11% of UK viewers intend to buy a connected TV in the next 12 months.

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A survey of more than 4000 viewers in the US, UK, France and Germany by research company Futuresource Consulting has revealed that although internet connectivity has expanded rapidly in recent years, over 25% of connected TV owners do not use their TVs to connect to the internet. The connection rates vary considerably between the countries surveyed – the UK is the lowest with only 56% of connected TV owners using the connection, and France the highest with 71% connected. Nevertheless, the ‘Living with Digital’ survey found that over 44% of connected TV owners cite the Internet connectivity as a key reason for choosing a TV. 



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UK Catches Up


Almost 70% of respondents to a UK survey by online market research company, YouGov have recently watched catch-up TV services, such as the BBC’s iPlayer and Channel 4’s 4OD. Users cite the main reasons for watching catch-up TV as the convenience of viewing, the quality of content, and to avoid advertising.

Catch-up TV is expected to drive sales of connected TVs, and the BBC iPlayer is already a standard feature in TVs and set-top boxes for the Freesat HD platform broadcast on ASTRA 28.2E.

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