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  • May
  • 24

In anticipation of the London 2012 Olympics in July, UK supermarket chain Asda has looked at the size of British TV sets, and found that the average screen size in the UK is now 30.6in (75cm), up from 28.8in (71cm) in 2008, and that sales of large screen TVs (over 40in/98cm) has risen 12% in the last year.

In London, viewers watch the largest TVs, with an average screen size of 31.5in (77cm), and in Wales, Yorkshire and the South West of England, large screen TV sales grew the most, by over 15%. The average TV screen size is the smallest, at just 29.7in (72.8cm), in the region of East Anglia, where large screen TV sales actually fell last year.

Live coverage of every Olympic event in both standard definition and HD will be carried free-to-air on the ASTRA 28.2°E satellites.

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