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  • Mar
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The 3D TV technical standards already employed on ASTRA satellites by broadcasters such as BSkyB, Canal+, Sky Deutschland, and others, have been approved by the Digital Video Broadcasting Project. The DVB-3DTV specification enables service providers to deliver two images to be viewed near-simultaneously by the left and right eyes on 3D-compatible TVs via HDMI from existing HDTV set-top boxes. It also provides for onscreen graphics and subtitling to be positioned for correct viewing in stereoscopic 3D pictures.

ASTRA is an active member of the Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB), a consortium of 250 broadcasting industry companies and bodies from over 35 countries to design global open technical standards for the delivery of digital TV services.

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  • Mar
  • 04

An application to help viewers choose TV programmes has won First Prize for ASTRA in Samsung’s Smart TV Challenge. A combined team of experts from ASTRA and Capablue created the advanced ASTRA Recommends application. This is designed to be downloaded, installed and run on Samsung’s Apps line of connected TVs.

The ASTRA Recommends app presents an onscreen video-on-demand programme guide, which viewers use to select programmes by category or genre, with advice from an intelligent recommendation engine. They can also share programme recommendations with friends through social networks like Facebook.

Thomas Wrede, VP Reception Systems at ASTRA, said “We are very pleased to have been awarded First Prize in Samsung's competition. This will motivate us to pursue further activities with the CE industry to promote satellite reception in connected consumer devices.”

ASTRA Web & e-marketing manager Neill Henderson said, “It’s great to see manufacturers like Samsung recognise the power of satellite to engage large audiences. This application shows how the internet world and the satellite TV world can come together to enhance the overall TV experience.”

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  • Nov
  • 26

Almost one billion homes worldwide will be receiving digital TV by the end of 2015, according to forecasts by analysts at Informa Telecoms & Media. There are about half a billion digital TV households now and more than 400 million more homes will switch to digital TV in the next five years, with China and India accounting for nearly half the increase. In Europe, Informa says, the proportion of homes currently with access to digital TV is already high, at about 78%, and this will rise to 95% by the end of 2015.

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  • Jul
  • 21

The WWW.ONSASTRA.COM website has a new look and extra content to help satellite viewers and would-be viewers get the most out TV via Europe's favourite satellite provider, ASTRA.

The comprehensive and easy-to-use ASTRA viewers' portal has a unique TV Guide with details and times of programmes showing on ASTRA channels across Europe which can be customised to suit your own location, tastes, and language. Visitors can also consult the fully searchable guide to over 2600 free and pay-TV channels available via ASTRA, as well as access news, help, FAQs and tutorials on selecting and installing equipment to receive ASTRA TV anywhere in Europe.

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  • Jun
  • 22

The Sirius 4 satellite has been renamed ASTRA 4A, following the change of its owner SES Sirius to SES ASTRA. ASTRA 4A is located in the Astra 5°E orbital position and will continue to provide digital television and radio broadcasts, data, and interactive services to Nordic and Baltic countries, eastern Europe and sub-Saharan Africa using both Ku and Ka bands.

ASTRA 4A brings the number of satellites called ASTRA currently in operation to 15. The ASTRA 4B satellite is in construction and is expected to be launched to join ASTRA 4A at ASTRA 5.0°E at the end of next year.


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