What is ASTRA? What does ASTRA do? What is digital television? Who owns ASTRA?

What is ASTRA?

ASTRA is the common name given to both the SES ASTRA company and the satellites it operates.

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What does ASTRA do?

ASTRA owns and operates a fleet of communications satellites in geostationary orbit, primarily used for broadcasting digital TV, radio and multimedia services to cable networks and direct to homes in Europe and surrounding areas. >Learn more about the advantages of TV via ASTRA

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What is digital television?

Digital satellite TV uses a completely different format to the old analogue broadcasts, providing a better picture and sound for the viewer and the capacity for more channels for the broadcaster.

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Who owns ASTRA?

SES ASTRA is wholly owned by SES SA, a public listed company based in Betzdorf in Luxembourg.
>Visit the SES SA website

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