Broadband via satellite


High-speed internet - wherever you live

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With SES Broadband (formerly known as ASTRA2Connect) you have a high-speed internet connection wherever you live.

SES Broadband frees you from the limitations of terrestrial Internet connections, and brings you fast, reliable broadband, anywhere. Our customers – unable to use ADSL broadband and tired of the delays of dial-up – now enjoy high-speed Internet without the phone line. Our satellite-based solution is unaffected by landscape and the satellite Internet signal is available everywhere.

Fast and flexible

Our service is available with highly flexible unlimited and volume-limited packages, with download speeds up to 10 Mbit/s, and upload up to 364Kbit/s, so you can choose the solution that best suits your needs.

TV and telephone too

SES Broadband connection can also provide low-cost VoIP telephone calls via the Internet, so you can speak on the phone to anywhere in the world and browse the internet at the same time.

Your SES Broadband dish can receive satellite TV with a small extra unit fitted, to provide hundreds of digital TV channels in digital and in HD quality, from a standard set-top box.

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