SES Broadband Services and SatADSL Launch High-Speed Internet Enterprise Service for Sub-Saharan Africa

Betzdorf, 20 May 2014. SatADSL and SES Broadband Services today announced a new service for enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa using the Astra 4A satellite capacity.

The SatADSL Corporate service aims to meet the demand of corporate users for higher speeds and unlimited services to connect branch offices with HQs. It uses the SES Broadband Enterprise service and Newtec’s MDM3100 modem technology to enable faster, more secure unlimited connectivity by improving productivity between entities, no matter where they are. The SES Broadband Enterprise Service is aimed at business and corporate customers to deliver connectivity in support of off-the-shelf business applications.

SatADSL, is an existing partner of SES Broadband Services and will commercialize the service using a new platform developed to offer new services featuring no limitation of volume and a 1:1 up to 1:25 contention ratio. This makes it particularly ideal for retail outlets, construction companies, mining and forestry industries, gas station operators, regional administrators and NGOs. Other users include companies in the finance sector, for example, money transfer companies, micro-finances, banks and ATM operators and postal offices.

“With our new service, we open a new market allowing large companies to experience a much more efficient overall experience,” said Patrick Biewer, Managing Director of SES Broadband Services. “Companies in Africa face a constant challenge of limited coverage and reliability when using terrestrial connections, making this service incredibly important in enabling people in underserved areas to better access financial services.”

“We are extremely pleased to be extending our service offering through SES Broadband Services and look forward to helping even more businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa get connected,” added Caroline De Vos, Chief Operations Officer at SatADSL.

According to Ibrahima Guimba-Saidou, SVP Africa at SES, such a solution is ideally placed to address the needs of the African continent. He said: “In Africa, approximately 300 million people are more than 50km from a fibre or cable broadband connection and the further from the connection, the worse the broadband quality. Another 400 million people on the continent have no Internet access at all, indicating that around 700 million people have limited or no access to broadband. These figures signify a great opportunity for broadband to help fulfill the promise of development in Africa, with satellite broadband providing a highly efficient means to meet this opportunity due to its advantage of reach.”

Belgium-based Internet Service Provider SatADSL already offers shared satellite IP access services to nearly 1,000 professional users across sub-Saharan Africa, with data rates up to 6144/256kbps.


For further information please contact:

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Monika Lebkowska
SES Broadband Services
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Caroline De Vos
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About SES Broadband Services

SES Broadband Services, a 100% owned affiliate of the satellite operator SES (NYSE Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG), provides high-speed broadband solutions via satellite.

The SES Broadband service was introduced in 2007 and is marketed via distribution partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In Europe the service is marketed under the brand name Astra Connect.

The service offers a unique opportunity to individuals, businesses and communities to access the internet independent of any terrestrial infrastructure. SES Broadband Services is technically available  across the entire fleet of SES and able to support Triple Play services combining broadband access with Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony and TV reception.

For further information on residential services please visit or for business applications.


About SatADSL

SatADSL is based in Brussels, Belgium, and has been providing professional IP access by satellite in sub-Africa countries since 2010. Hundreds of African companies use SatADSL service from Mauritania to South Africa.

SatADSL satellite communication services in Africa are unique because they combine very high-quality services and a flexible offer together with affordable end-user equipment and subscriptions. Corporate users operating in remote areas require both service quality guaranteed by SLAs and affordability.

SatADSL service offer is recognized in Africa as being a unique competitive offering for serving companies’ small branch offices performing business-critical transactions. SatADSL teams up with a large network of highly qualified African Partners who are able to add value to SatADSL’s original offer in terms of installation, maintenance, SLA’s and added value services.