ASTRA In The Lead

Direct to home (DTH) satellite TV is the most popular means of TV reception in Europe, with 86.2 million European TV homes (35%) watching via a satellite dish in 2013, according to the annual market research study "Satellite Monitor" from SES, operator of the ASTRA satellites.

Over three quarters of the satellite homes (64.81 million) watch via ASTRA satellites at 19.2°E, 28.2°E, 5°E, 23.5°E and 31.5°E, and Germany is the largest market for satellite TV with 18m homes watching television via a dish.

ASTRA satellites now provide 488 channels broadcasting to Europe in high definition, and 81% of HD homes in Europe are watching these ASTRA channels. The UK is the biggest European market for HD, both in terms of numbers (9 million homes) and penetration (73% of UK satellite homes watch in HD).

SES, which also operates satellites other than ASTRA outside of Europe, reaches 106 million homes worldwide via DTH satellite.