UK Prefers the Big Screen

Despite the popularity of smart phones and tablets, when it comes to watching television, the traditional TV set is the screen of choice for UK viewers, according to a report from Thinkbox, the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK.

During 2013, while the average UK viewers watched just short of 4 hours of TV a day, 98.5% of this was on a traditional TV set, with only 3.5 minutes a day spent viewing on tablets, smart phones and laptops. Most viewing on portable devices is of catch-up services from the main TV broadcasters and Thinkbox says that much of this will migrate to the main TV set as more TVs and set-top boxes include internet access (which already features on many Sky and Freesat satellite receivers).

Overall, average TV viewing is up by 12 minutes a day compared to ten years ago.

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