TV and telephone too

Astra Connect service doesn't stop at high-speed, always-on broadband without a landline – you can also add low-cost phone calls and digital TV reception too.

It's your call


Our Astra Connect platform is the perfect vehicle for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone via the internet – a reliable alternative to a landline telephone. With our satellite broadband network you can make VoIP calls at low cost to anywhere in the world.

Using VoIP, you can chat on the phone at the same time as you use the broadband connection to, say, browse the internet – all with a single Astra Connect connection – and we dedicate broadband capacity especially for voice use, so you're assured of the best possible call quality at all times.

If you have a landline of poor quality, your Astra Connect connection provides a second, better quality phone connection. In an installation without a landline, our VoIP platform gives you a phone connection for the first time.

Check the VoIP provisions of your local service provider


Keep in the picture


When you add our optional TV pack of multifeed clamp and quad LNB, along with a standard satellite TV set-top box, you can use your Astra Connect dish to receive satellite TV and radio from either of our ASTRA 19.2°E or ASTRA 28.2°E satellites – as well as access the internet (and make VoIP phone calls) at the same time.

From either satellite position you can watch hundreds of TV channels in digital quality, in many languages, in standard and high definition, and for free.

Learn more about TV channels from ASTRA satellites


Internet access and TV reception with Astra Connect are separate and can be used simultaneously. You can buy our add-on TV pack from your Astra Connect service provider, who will make no charge for its use (subscription charges may be payable for some satellite TV and radio services).

You or your service provider can easily fit the add-on TV pack to your Astra Connect dish when it is first installed, or at a later date as an upgrade.

Learn more about installing the Astra Connect equipment