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How Astra Connect helped bring two German Villages in to the Internet Age.


Mr. Raimund Marmann

As the IT manager of a large hospital in Luxembourg, a fast and reliable internet service at home is vital for Raimund Marmann, who often works from home in emergency situations.

Unfortunately, the location of his home in Greimerath was one of the so-called 'white spots' which did not have broadband access, meaning the fastest speed Mr Marmann received was 384kbit / s.

"It was completely unacceptable in this day and age," said Mr Marmann. "Unfortunately the investment needed for the development of fast internet in our community fell through time and again."


The Solution

When looking at how to connect Greimerath, fibre was not an option due to the remote location and 300,000EUR investment required. SES Broadband Services won the tender to bring its Astra Connect Wifi solution to Greimerath.

The solution allows an entire residential or commercial community to connect to broadband internet via a single central satellite antenna. Each antenna is comprised of a Newtec terminal (1.2 m antenna, 4 W BUC, MDM3100) and a local server running the TelliNet/TelliShape software connected to a WiFi transmitter to cover a vast area. Each headend costs around 25,000 EUR. In Greimerath three headends have been installed to serve all of the town's 1,000 residents.

The end user equipment consists of an outdoor WiFi antenna which is used to connect to the local network or PC.


Mr. Raimund Marmann in front of
one of the head-ends in Greimerath

The Outcome

Mr Marmann was among the first people in the village to sign up to receive the Astra Connect service which delivers download speeds of up to 25Mbit / s and upload speeds of up to 2Mbit / s.

Five web-enabled devices use the high-speed Internet router, Mr Marmann cam now do 99.5 per cent of his IT work from home and his daughter can complete homework.

"Even at peak times, when all the devices are being used at the same time, the connection works excellently," aid Mr Marmann. "The improvement is extreme and it has had a significant impact on my work. Those who already have a connection to fast Internet via Astra Connect are all thrilled. For friends and acquaintances who don't have it I show them a YouTube video to demonstrate the speed because before high resolution videos were just not playable."


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