Astra Connect for communities


Astra Connect for communities builds on our service for individual homes by providing Internet connectivity to entire communities via a single satellite dish. The budget-friendly solution delivers speeds of up to 25Mb/s to each residence in a community removing the need for a costly fibre connection. It is commercially available in Germany and has been rolled out in a number of villages in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Rhineland-Palatinate. For more information about availability in other countries please contact us.


How It Works

With Astra Connect for communities, our satellite broadband service can be made available to a whole village or town via a single satellite antenna, which is installed at a central point in the community, for example, on a street cabinet, a cable television headend or WiFi mast.

The solution is quick to deploy and gives everyone in the community who chooses to subscribe a fast broadband connection for their home. End users do not need to install a satellite dish on their property and can simply connect via a modem provided by the Internet Service Provider. We will adapt the service to suit the specific needs of the community by using either existing last mile infrastructure to deliver the service, or wireless technology. 


Advantages for the community

  • 100% coverage and immediate broadband access for the entire community
  • Low investment costs
  • Quick deployment
  • Low-cost service packages at customary prices
  • Only one satellite antenna required to connect whole community


Advantages for the end customers

  • No individual satellite dish needed
  • Short installation and service activation time
  • Connection speed up to 25 Mbit/s
  • Standard end user hardware (DSL/ Wifi/ Cable modem)
  • Low cost service packages at market prices