UK ‘s TV

The UK leads the world in PVR ownership (47% of homes now have a PVR) and some 20% of viewing (3 hours 42 minutes per week) is recorded and watched later in PVR homes. Almost half of all time shifted programmes are viewed on the same day as transmission with a further 24% within 24 hours.

Soaps are the most popular programme to record for later, with 21% of time shifted viewing, and sport (5%) and news (2%) the least likely to be time shifted. Each PVR in the UK has around 36 hours of TV recorded, so across the nation UK viewers have an estimated 455 million hours of TV waiting to watch.

UK viewers are also taking to online catch-up with nearly a third of internet users using services such as BBC iPlayer each week.

However, despite the take-up of PVR and online TV services and acceptance of new technologies, 29% of UK homes still have a VCR as part of their home entertainment set-up.

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