HbbTV Grows Global

Most connected TV sets sold in Western Europe already implement the HbbTV standard and HbbTV is deployed in many European countries including Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Turkey. There are currently more than two million active HbbTV receivers in Germany and over half a million in France.

In Italy, although adoption of the HbbTV standard is still uncertain, by 2015, take-up of HbbTV may be higher than in any other major TV market in Western Europe. According to market analysts, Idate, the number of connected TV households among managed broadcast networks in the country may then reach 6.8 million, placing it ahead of the UK, France and Germany.

HbbTV as an open technology platform to seamlessly combine broadcast TV with value-added services delivered via the internet on TVs and set-top boxes and was established by the HbbTV consortium of broadcasting and electronics companies, including SES (operator of the ASTRA satellites).

Visit www.hbbtv.org and www.idate-research.com for more information