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More Channels, Everywhere

From orbit, satellites can transmit to a huge area of the Earth, covering many countries with a single TV transmission, and satellite TV reception is unaffected by local geography so reception is possible wherever your location.

Satellites delivers a much larger broadcasting capacity than terrestrial TV (through an aerial), cable TV or even the internet. An ASTRA dish provides a huge choice of thousands of channels – both free and pay-TV services of all types – to homes all across Europe.

 Easy and Reliable

Whether in the city or in the country, satellite TV via ASTRA is available 24/7. All you need is an affordable small dish and receiver to enjoy top quality pictures and sound all the time.

ASTRA satellites have provided information, education and entertainment to European homes for nearly 25 years – without interruption.

Future Proof

 Thanks to the huge capacity of the ASTRA satellites, new developments in TV technology such as digital TV, high definition TV, HbbTV, and 3D TV have been available sooner and more widely via satellite.

Future innovations, such as Ultra HD, will be first, and foremost, on satellite.