High definition is the highest quality TV available today.

HD TV has five times the pixels – or detail – of ordinary digital television broadcasts, with more lifelike colours and digital surround sound too.

With more detail on the screen, HD TV takes you to the heart of films and dramas, to the front row of arts and culture programmes, to the centre of play in sports, and to hidden facets of documentaries. All programming looks better in HD.

Although some terrestrial, cable and internet TV services provide a few HD channels, the additional transmission capacity used by HD means that only satellite can deliver the hundreds of HD broadcasts now available.


 For HD satellite TV in your home, you will need an HD satellite receiver (available from pay-TV providers or independent dealers) connected to your existing dish, an HD TV set (most large screen TVs sold today are suitable), and, of course, HD channels to watch.

And there’s no shortage of HD viewing – Astra satellites now deliver nearly 540 channels in high definition to viewers across Europe.

 Astra satellite TV is the fast track to a future in high definition.