Glossary: M

Media HighwayTM

A proprietary operating system for interactive services.


Media Home Platform

An operating system (sometimes called "middleware") used in digiboxes for interactive services via satellite, terrestrial and cable networks. MHP is a relatively new, open standard advocated by all Nordic public service companies (SVT, DR, YLE, NRK). MHP allows many possibilities and is currently available in several versions.


The alteration of a carrier wave in relation to the value of the data being transferred. Analogue satellite transmission use FM modulation. Digital satellite transmission use QPSK modulation.


The Moving Pictures Experts Group

The international standards organisation which developed the MPEG standard for the digital compression and multiplexing of video and audio signals.


Or Yagi Aerial. A conventional aerial used to receive terrestrial television.


Transmitting information to a select group. For example, sending an email to a mailing list. Teleconferencing and videoconferencing also use multicasting.

Multifeed clamp

An inexpensive installation accessory that allows DTH satellite customers to have simultaneous TV and broadband reception on a single dish.


Combining two or more independent signals into one transmission channel, or the combined digital signals transmitted on one satellite transponder.