Glossary: E

Earth station

Earth-based dishes, receivers, transmitters and other equipment needed to receive satellite signals.


Effective isotropic radiated power

A measure of a satellite’s signal strength from the ground.


Angle between the earth's surface and a particular satellite at a given reception point 0° for horizontal angle and 90° o for vertical.

Encryption Systems

Encryption enables programme providers to control the distribution of pay-TV television channels, for example. Only authorised viewers can view the encrypted channels. Examples of encryption systems are VIACCESS, NDS, and CONAX. See also Smart CardSmart Card.


Electronic programme guide

Sophisticated on-screen TV listings guide which provides current and future programme details. It has features such as subject or channel searches, programme summaries, immediate access to a selected programme, plus reminder and parental control functions.


A 21-pin connector used on TV, video and associated devices: also know as a Scart.