Background of success

The first commercial direct-to-home TV services in Europe were broadcast over 25 years ago by our Astra satellite in what soon became Europe's primary satellite position of 19.2° east. Since 1989, that satellite has been joined by more than a dozen more, in an additional four satellite positions, providing viewers all across Europe with an ever-increasing number of satellite services.

We have grown to become the leading provider of satellite TV, radio and multimedia services in Europe.

While the reach of our satellites is extensive (their coverage stretches all over Europe from Scandinavia to North Africa, the Canary Islands to Russia), Astra is just part of a larger international group delivering communications to all parts of the world. Our parent company, SES, is a satellite organisation on a truly global scale.

SES operates a fleet of over 50 satellites in orbit all around the Earth, with a combined coverage that can reach over 99% of the world's population.

Our viewers and customers uniquely benefit from the commercial, logistical, and technological edge afforded to us by this force in global communications behind Astra.

> Visit the SES website to learn more about the global company behind ASTRA