Quality reception

Astra is TV in both quantity and quality

The transmission techniques and technology used on our satellites are designed especially for reception in the home, to ensure that the quality of the pictures and sound on your TV is second to none.

The high-power transmitters we use in our satellites ensure that the signals arrive at your home with the minimum of interference and distortion. The channels are digitally encoded and compressed to industry standards and transmitted in an internationally agreed format so all receivers can produce the best pictures and sound on your TV, as the broadcasters intended.

Not only can you watch TV dramas with the clarity and realism of the theatre, and sports events as though cheering on your team from the grandstand but, if you have a large screen home entertainment system and multi-speaker Dolby Digital surround sound system, you can experience movies with the same all-encompassing involvement found in top-class cinemas.

This realisable excellence in your home extends even further when you watch the increasing number of high definition TV channels on the Astra satellites, providing a realism and quality unsurpassed by any other broadcasting medium.

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