Developing TV technology for tomorrow

Astra was the first to use high-powered satellites to deliver multi-channel services to viewers across the whole of Europe and we continue to push the boundaries of satellite technology to improve and extend your satellite TV experience.

We work with all parts of the broadcasting industry to develop new technologies and establish practical standards so you can enjoy the benefits of new developments sooner.

In the home, we devise and advise with the introduction of new technologies for you to enjoy your entertainment - 3D images for the ultimate in realism, storage and distribution of broadcasts around your home, advanced programme guides that can adapt to your tastes and preferences, programmes to order and "catch-up" services for when you miss a favourite show.

Our satellites carried the first digital TV and the first commercial high definition broadcasts in Europe, and Astra continues to deliver an ever-increasing number of standard definition and HDTV channels. In viewers' homes, we were behind the development of the two-satellites-at-once Duo LNB, single cable LNB distribution systems, and even the Universal LNB that is now standard issue for dishes in millions of homes across Europe.

When you choose Astra satellite TV, you can be sure of the best that TV can offer today - and the best for the future as well.