Choice of channels

Astra is your first choice for channel choice

With many satellites stationed at six key positions in orbit above the earth, we deliver thousands of channels to viewers like you, across Europe and beyond.

Our satellites broadcast more than 2,300 TV channels to over 154 million households in Europe. They carry both free television channels and pay TV, from hundreds of independent broadcasters as well as large channel packages from the major networks.

From our satellites, you can watch television from most European countries and programmes from further afield, unobtainable by other means, from the USA, South America, Africa, the Middle East, India, and the Far East.

Viewers choose Astra because of the comprehensive channel choice available. More viewers in Europe watch TV channels delivered by Astra than by any other operator, so new broadcasters choose the Astra satellites to deliver their services, increasing your channel choice still further.

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