Why Astra

ASTRA reaches over 143 million European TV homes.

ASTRA satellites, operated by SES, offer a comprehensive portfolio of digital TV and radio broadcast and satellite broadband solutions for customers in Europe and beyond.

ASTRA broadcasts SDTV, HDTV and 3DTV and radio programmes directly to millions of homes, and provides satellite broadband internet access and network services to governments, large corporations, small- to medium-sized enterprises and individual households.

Why choose ASTRA?

When you choose satellite TV from ASTRA, you’re choosing the original European direct-to-home operator, with a history of innovation and performance from the very first days of satellite TV in the home. Our unsurpassed satellite fleet, extensive channel choice, and large European audience make us the leading satellite TV operator in Europe.

More channels

Right across Europe, our ASTRA satellites provide you with the largest choice of channels, of all genres and from leading broadcasters around the world.
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Easy to receive

Our advanced high-power satellites mean that channels are exceptionally easy to receive, with equipment that is cheap to buy, simple to install and use – wherever you are.
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Quality of reception

The technology used to broadcast our channels ensures you can enjoy the finest quality digital TV pictures and sound in your home.
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Reliability of service

Our in-orbit backup policy provides unmatched network reliability for all viewers, so no TV blackouts in your home.
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ASTRA is part of the largest satellite operator in the world and has been serving Europe with television and radio for over 21 years.
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Future proof

We are at the forefront of technological innovation, in space and in your home. By choosing ASTRA TV, you are future-proofing your entertainment, with the technology of tomorrow in your home today.
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