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Both the BBC and Eurosport will be providing 3D coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games, starting on July 27, broadcasting from the ASTRA 28.2°E satellites.




The BBC will broadcast some events in 3D, including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the Men’s 100m final and one-hour highlights programme at the end of each day, using the BBC HD Channel.

Eurosport will broadcast over 100 hours of coverage in 3D – some eight hours each day of live action and four hours of recorded highlights – which will be carried on the Sky 3D channel, leaving the Eurosport and Eurosport 2 standard definition channels and the Eurosport HD channel unaltered for normal 2D transmissions.

Around 250,000 Sky subscribers normally use the Sky 3D channel but during the London 2012 Games the service will be made available to anyone using a Sky+ HD receiver, although a suitable 3D-ready TV set is also required to watch the 3D programmes.

London 2012 will see a number of events, such as basketball, canoeing, gymnastics, and swimming, broadcast in 3D for the first time.

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